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Quality for Project Managers

Apply quality principles to project management itself, as well as to the products and services resulting from projects.

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Course synopsis

Quality for Project Managers applies quality principles to project management itself, as well as to the products and services resulting from projects. It brings to the forefront the essentials of project quality management and its vital link to business success, with a focus on the tools and essentials of effective quality management that work for any organisation, regardless of industry. The course shows participants how to integrate quality management concepts with project management programme to support business success.

Attendees will learn about the philosophy and principles of quality management and how to translate these concepts into specific actions that are key to successful project quality efforts. The course presents a five-step model for successfully planning project quality, a five-step model for effectively assuring project quality and a quality-control toolkit, all of which can be immediately applied to your work environment. With a strong emphasis on exercises, this course provides the opportunity to apply quality strategies and skills to real-world scenarios. Delegates will practice concepts, tools and techniques using modularised case studies that require immediate and direct application of skills learned.

The strategies of quality management and continuous improvement dovetail with project management concepts to increase control over objectives, work and performance. Master these proven methods and discover how quality greatly contributes to, and enhances, project success.

you will learn

  • Integrate project quality management into the entire project life cycle
  • Use five steps to plan effectively for project quality management
  • Use five steps to assess and improve your organisation’s current quality capabilities to ensure that projects will meet specified quality standards
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by monitoring results using project quality control tools
  • Apply project quality management tools and techniques to “real world” project management situations

topics covered

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