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Budget and Financial Management

This course will help delegates understand the context and trends of finance—as well as the mechanics of developing budgets.

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Course synopsis

In a global business environment, employees are increasingly tasked with responsibilities outside of their traditional job roles. Finance is the fastest growing area in which senior managers are looking to department staff and leaders for insight, understanding and recommendations. Without understanding the fundamental links between budgets and finance, many struggle to show senior managers how their projects or departments contribute to the organisation's bottom line.

This course will help delegates understand the context and trends of finance—as well as the mechanics of developing budgets. It will provide the necessary tools to make sound financial decisions for a business unit, using real exercises to achieve familiarity with standard financial documents as well as using budget and estimating methods and tools more effectively. Specifically, by reviewing and discussing commonly used financial metrics to not only understand the numbers, but also to explore the not-so-obvious financial impacts of typical operating decisions and actions—from a project to organisational level.

After completing this course, delegates will know how to gather, compile and prioritise financial data in order to develop, execute and manage a budget. They will also be better able to communicate financial and budgetary information, have greater confidence in assessing finances and participate more effectively in the business decision-making process.

you will learn

  • Utilise Strategy Execution’s Mindset Model to understand how finance and accounting influence management decisions
  • Ask the right questions to successfully create, present, monitor and manage a budget
  • Persuasively negotiate for financial resources
  • Communicate financial information and results to stakeholders, executives, colleagues and project teams
  • Correlate budget success with its presentation in financial reports
  • Recognise the relationships between primary financial statement line items by calculating and examining relevant financial ratio

topics covered

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