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Enterprise Business Analysis

Enterprise Business Analysis applies an approach to business analysis to deal with complexity and change on an enterprise-wide basis.

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Course synopsis

Enterprise Business Analysis applies an approach to business analysis to deal with complexity and change on an enterprise-wide basis. A skill set that helps individuals address broad organisational issues, enterprise-wide business analysis can be used when:

  • Merging with or acquiring another organisation (or departments/functions)
  • Expanding or contracting operations
  • Consolidating the operations of multiple business units
  • Dealing with multiple change initiatives at a time
  • Acquiring or retiring enterprise IT systems
  • Dealing with large business re-engineering initiatives

Senior business analysts are increasingly involved in pre-project activities to ensure that solutions to business problems reflect the organisation’s business strategy. Through Enterprise Business Analysis, the senior business analyst becomes a vital contributor to helping the organisation determine sound investments and enhance its project portfolio. These activities ensure the organisation can maximise the return on investment, minimise duplication of efforts across the organisation and realign business operations to meet the executive management’s strategy.

Enterprise Business Analysis starts with the basics – what is enterprise analysis? After exploring how it helps the strategic alignment of investments and dealing with change, the course focuses on business architecture and how business architecture fits within the enterprise architecture - including discussions around the other 'architectures': information, application, technology and governance -by looking at business architecture blueprints and frameworks, along with the roles and relationships that need to happen to execute on the strategy.

The course then turns its attention to some of the tools used at this more strategic level, including: value mapping, value proposition and customer value analysis, business modelling, business process management, capability and organisation mapping to arrive at an enterprise solution.  Managers, business subject matter experts and developers might be interested in taking this course for awareness and understanding of the myriad of components of enterprise-wide initiatives. Senior BA’s and project/programme managers who are working on (or about to embark on) an enterprise-wide or organisational change initiative would also benefit from this course.

you will learn

  • Know how to apply business analysis at the enterprise level
  • Understand how to model the components of the enterprise and how they work together
  • Identify what your customers consider to be good value and use it to assist in formulating strategy
  • Explain how an organisation can enhance the effectiveness of its people and its assets through enterprise analysis
  • Apply enterprise analysis to implement improvement initiatives

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