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Agile & Lean Project Management

Perfect for senior managers/executives to further understanding of Agile & Lean.


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Course synopsis

Perfect for senior managers/executives to further understanding of Agile & Lean. Discover how executives can foster measurable success leveraging Agile & Lean, and how to successfully interact with the new lean and agile elements of your organisation.

Lean and Agile Project Management is an activity-driven, “nuts-and-bolts” course that teaches participants how to promote value-based, high-quality, accelerated delivery of projects in a sustainable manner. The course details the role and responsibilities of a Product Owner and how other roles in the project and portfolio space collaborate and work together in a lean and agile environment. It addresses expectations of the Product Owner and other roles related to portfolio management, requirements gathering, project planning, valuating, estimating and other activities. The course assumes foundational elements of Agile & Lean and at least one of the two principle lean and agile delivery methods are known.

you will learn

  • Describe the goals of project management and traditional approaches to project management
  • Compare and contrast traditional project management to Agile & Lean project management and describe the benefits and challenges of each
  • Explain the life cycle of Agile & Lean projects
  • Compare and contrast the roles on Lean and Agile project teams and the concepts of mastery behind them
  • Apply Agile & Lean approaches to project planning
  • Describe the importance of communication and collaboration and other considerations to the success of Agile & Lean project execution

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