Training Solutions

PMD Africa is committed to supporting organisations through designed and aligned training courses that are focused on organisational capacity building initiatives and the development of their people. Through focused courses, and improved skills and knowledge, organisations will be better prepared in delivering strategy through a capacitated workforce.   

This integrated solution is supported by a dynamic team who possess a wealth of relevant and experiential knowledge in public and private sector organizations to develop customized programmes to meet organisations changing needs.
PMD Africa, together with it’s international partner TwentyEighty, has worked on and developed solutions for a wide range of industries and sectors.  Continuing our approach to create solutions that suit the demands and complexities of each we have drawn experience from the following industries:

  • Energy (Oil and Gas)
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • IT & Software

Training Method
Public classroom

Classroom training is an excellent option for those who prefer a face-to-face learning approach. PMD Africa offers traditional instructor-led classroom options for a majority of our courses, in cities nationwide.

Scheduled year-round, and lasting between two and five days each, our classroom courses offer a fast and hands-on way to build the business skills, knowledge and techniques needed to become a top performer. .svg
On-site classroom

PMD Africa is committed to delivering programs that address your specific objectives. We work with you to set measures for success and assess your organizational and individual skill gaps. We then design your learning program, which could include on-site courses, reinforcement workshops, consulting services and more.

Benefits on On-Site Learning:

  • Dedicated, Expert Team
  • Tailored Courses
  • Reference Materials
  • Reduced Travel

All PMD Africa courses can be offered on-site, be sure to enquire about this at

PMD Africa’s eTraining is an easy way to get the project management and business analysis courses that you need. Our International partner TwentyEighty developed and runs a convenient online system which gives you the flexibility of logging in anytime to review course materials at a pace that’s right for you.

Each class is highly interactive and features real-life case studies along with the opportunity to collaborate with the instructor and other participants through online message boards and e-mail.

With our online project management and business analysis courses, you can work toward earning a master’s, professional or associate’s certificate from ESI and our academic partner, The George Washington University.

Please be sure to enquire on whether the course you are interested in is available on the E-learning channel at

Corporate Training

With the extensive experience of TwentyEighty, all the PMD Africa Corporate Project Management Solutions are built to address the specific challenges that get in the way of you delivering on your commitments. If your organization has needs related to project, program, or portfolio management, contract management, business analysis, or vital project leadership skills – our corporate project management focused courses has you covered.

Projects are the mechanism by which companies get things done. Whether projects exist to implement new services, develop and release new products, improve internal processes, upgrade systems, impact customer experience, or manage company growth and expansion; results matter.  Project success or failure, clearly impacts the overall achievement of corporate goals and influences the bottom line.

With PMD Africa as your partner, you can expect high-value, high-impact corporate project management solutions with measurable and sustainable results. We work alongside your project management team to:

  • Understand your business and program objectives
  • Assess your people, processes, and culture
  • Select the right curriculum, in the most effective learning modalities
  • Validate your progress and calculate an ROI for your learning program
After thousands of engagements, here are some of the typical corporate challenges that our clients ask us to help resolve:

  • Troubled Communication, Team Collaboration and Project Leadership
  • Imperfect Estimation and Initial Planning
  • Inadequate Risk Identification and Mitigation
  • Poorly defined Requirements and pained Scope Management
  • Insufficient Resource Planning and Management
  • Inconsistent or unknown Methodology and Process
  • Imperfect Project Prioritization and Portfolio Management
  • Inability to identify or turn around Troubled Projects
  • Weak PMO Influence on the organization
  • No understanding of Individual or Team Skills, Competencies, and Gapsand no way to measure progress
  • Deficiency in critical Fundamental or Advanced Skills on the project team
  • Failure to scale process and governance within Global, Enterprise-Wide Programs
  • Inefficiency within the changing Business Analyst Role
  • Challenged Stakeholder Engagement
  • Weak alignment of Managing Programs to Business Strategy

Government Training

PMD Africa and TwentyEighty also specialises in solutions for the public and Government sector.  We believe that government project management courses alone is not enough.

To meet public demand for better and more services amid a budget squeeze, government agencies need three things:

  • An integrated team approach
  • People with state-of-the-art knowledge and skills
  • A work environment that lets people improve how they work

PMD Africa and TwentyEighty has helped clients fulfill all three needs by never losing sight of the desired outcomes.


Our Approach

Our approach to successful corporate an Government project management is rooted within our Impact Model, which is designed to assist your organization in:

  • Identifying clear and quantifiable execution baselines
  • Designing a road map for optimum learning and skills adoption
  • Measuring outcomes and validating investments
In order to ensure long-term success and measurable results, we strongly encourage our corporate and government clients to consider implementing all components of The Impact Model. However, when that is not possible, PMD Africa is always available to step in and deliver market-tested services and business solutions for one or more of the Impact Model components without engaging in the others.  Whether implemented fully or partially, the Impact Model delivers value and results every step of the way.

Assess–Define Baselines For Where You Are And Where You Want To Go To Realize Success
Implement–Build Knowledge And Skills For Improved Performance.
Adopt–Reinforce and Apply Learned Skills
Validate–Continually Assess Impact Across All Elements