Assessment & Measurement

Evaluating and benchmarking current capabilities and performance levels allows you to identify and assess skill gaps that impede project execution.

Through PMD Africa you get to utilise the TwentyEighty Execution assessment process, which will enable you to:

  • Establish capability baselines
  • Identify organizational and individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Apply continuous improvement to project management efforts
  • Create an effective and viable project management structure
  • Drive organizational change and organizational improvement
  • Create the business case for development
  • Determine ways to improve business, project and employee performance

Individual Assessments:

Learning is an investment in your future. Like all investments, it should be analyzed to make sure it is addressing the right things for the right reasons. PMD Africa and TwentyEighty’s  individual assessments help ensure that learning offerings are targeted to the development opportunities that will have the greatest impact.

PMAppraise: Evaluates your knowledge of each of the 10 areas in the Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (PMBOK®)

BAAppraise: Evaluates your knowledge of each of the areas in A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®)

Knowledge and Practice Assessments: Identifies current knowledge of applicable concepts and correlates it to the degree to which employees are currently applying that knowledge on the job.

PM 360:  Measures a project manager’s behavior and skills in six competency area to help identify best performers and their effectiveness.

Organizational Assessments:

All the learning in the world won’t help if the mechanics of your project environment aren’t aligned to your employees’ skills. PMD Africa and TwetneyEighty’s organisational assessments help uncover potential project management issues.

Process Reviews: Examines if organizational standards are in line with current best practices and free of inefficiencies and poorly defined roles/responsibilities

Artifact Reviews: Ensures that the tool sets you have are appropriate for the projects you work on